Dec 2, 2011

Blythe Jones

I'm back! After a month with no update I hope I can get more uploads on this blog. Last month I did make few sims but none of them are worth to be put here. Then on 17th November my computer broke down,got SMART event warning for hard disk failure the windows refused to boot. Finally I got it fixed few days ago, I managed to restored back my game then I made this new sim! :)

Ok meet Blythe Jones,another cute doll for you guys! Large green eyes,pouty mouth and lovely long hair Blythe will be real joy for your game. Her traits are,genius,artistic,friendly and photographer's eye(you need World Adventures EP) with World Class Gallery as lifetime wishes. Here's her :

and this is her early image,I changed the hair style and eyes.

Custom Contents used:

Skin by Ephemera Non Default ESkin_NV1_light (非替换)
Hair by Tumtum Peggy 05007 Converted
Clothing by Altea127 Dress Barbara
Eyes by Briddy_G Bridget's First Eyes
Eyebrow by daluved1 Two -shady- Brows: Converted
Eyeliner by Papercat Outer Liner
Eyeshadow by LL Smokey Eyes N2
Blush by The Sims 3 in game blush
Lipstick by LL Nude color lipstick N24

Sliders and mods that I used:
AwesomeMod by J.M Pescado
CAS Sliders by Jonha MTS
Facial Sliders by Ahmad
Jawline+Brow Depth Slider by aWT

Pose Player and custom Poses by cmomoney's,pammie and Danzxncrd.

Instructions to install:
As usual Blythe is packaged with TS3 Base game skin,hair and clothes to avoid game crashing or deformed sims.To get the screenshots look, manually install custom contents listed. Dress her up anyway you want but you need to install Ephemera's skin first.
And then simply drop "Blythe_Jones.sim" file into Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 3>SavedSims
In CAS,find Blythe in the premade sims,female young adult.
If you have problem with download link don't hesitate to let me know.

Problem installing sim.file,info
Basic TS3 custom contents info


Please do not reupload and claim as your own. Thank you!

Alright,that's it for now. There will be more stuff coming soon so please stay tuned! :)


  1. Wow, she's so angelic and cute. She is perfect. She is so sweet. The hair change was a good choice ^_^

  2. I love her innocent look. Thanks for sharing! :D

  3. She's very pretty but can I ask what is the name of the hair before you changed it?

  4. her original hair is called Lullaby by NewseaTSR