Feb 2, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year

I want to wish my family,friends and all simmers around the world a very Happy Chinese New Year. The Snake Year yes hope everyone will be lucky and prosperous this year.
We celebrate it simple like always.大哥不再这里了,他不可能回来过年像以前.妈妈还等待他每天说"我很想想念他".真的受不了我心里真好痛.对我是不公平但这个生活一定要继续不能放弃. Sigh..the more I write the more painful it become. Whatever it is I wish you all happiness and prosperity this year. Don't drink and party too much though,do everything in moderation. 有空的话来我家拜年哦! I promise I'll prepare something for our hangover session hehehe..*grinning* or the karaoke machine is good option too right?

See you guys again next time. :)