Feb 23, 2012

Ballet Pose Set

Hello everyone

This is my latest pose set. I scrapped off the previous 4 poses and 2 sims I made before,they looked ugly. On last 31th January I lost my older brother,because of chronic gastric he's only 32 years old.His boss and the police found his body on 1st February morning in his apartment they said there's blood vomits on the floor we didn't know he was very ill. It's devastating,the hardest moment in my life I couldn't eat anything for nearly a week I cried for days in bed I hated to see anyone and I thought I was going crazy.I was angry with God,with my family and myself. As older child he gave us strength and courage for me and my two younger brothers to live I cannot accept the fact that he's gone now. People around me said I have to move on,they told me they've lost their parents,children,best friends and relatives too but life must go on. But how?
My heart is breaking after seeing my parents are no longer talking to each other. They lost their favourite son while my grandmother crying day and night because there's no more silly jokes she often hear when my brother come home. How to move on? This grief,is like a big monster eating me from inside I cannot get away with it. Truth is I can't accept his death I can't pretend I'm strong but I'm not. :(

Enough with my sad story now back to the Sims 3. When I played my sims 3 last week, it lagged horribly especially in CAS. Took my 2-3 minutes just to load clothes and patterns. I don't know what happened I already updated Awesomemod and Overwatch mod but why it lagged so sudden? This is one of the reason why I cancelled my plan to upload 2 sims that I made.
Then a friend of mine,Helen sent me few pictures and requested the ballet poses so I came out with this set(这是公主的要求哈!) She wanted something simple yeah that's what I'm sharing with you guys here. About the screenshots,I apologize because they looks too easy and plain,I'm not a creative person but hopefully this pose set will be useful to all of you.This set have 10 poses (yup 10,I don't know why the number increased)

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As usual,with pose list for your convenience.



Instructions : Put BalletPoseset folder into Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods folder.

If there's any problem please let me know or comment here.Hope you guys like this pose set and thank you for downloading!