Mar 13, 2012

Elegant Model Pose Set

Hello everyone!

I'm off tomorrow and it's so good to write on my blog at this hour. :p

ok I came with another poses hope you guys won't get bored with it. This pose set supposed to complete 2 weeks ago but I'm too tired to open Milkshape and fix any stiff hands and body,until last Sunday I managed to finish them.I also tried couple more poses for my lovely Aidan but nothing is worth for upload yet.Oh Lord I miss Aidan so much haven't got time to sit down and enjoy my game.
Everyone is crazy with Showtime now but I'm afraid this is the only expansion I won't be getting. I have wasted too much on "empty" expansion and stuff packs on this past 2 years. Ambition,Generations,HELS,FastLane which I didn't like at all bought them just because I feel I need to. But no more this time. I really have no desire to put my sims into singing and performing careers. Until EA came out with something that worth my money I won't be adding any expansion. You know the last time I travel to Egypt and France was in 2010,haven't went to China yet then I stopped because of the travelling bugs that EA never seems to fix. I haven't made any Simbot,or found the deer or unicorn and basically I only played 20-30% of Sims 3 features that EA offered to me. Finding time to enjoy my game for good couple hours is hard. Real life things interfered and don't let me get started on my PS3 games,they are collecting dust right now hehehe...

Alright done with whining back to my stuff. This set more like mini set actually it's called Elegant Model. 2 standing poses and 2 sitting poses for your beautiful female sims. Again my presentation is simple as usual,no fancy shooting I just hope the photos are clear enough to show the poses. This set are modelled by my new sim,Cherri. You find her face on the Ballet Pose Set as well. :)

*everyone,if you have problem getting the pose list to show up in Poseplayer please let me know I'll fix the package file. Thank you!*





Poseplayer screenshot

Newsea,Ephemera,Peggy,Lemonleaf,Ekinege,Icia and Rosesims


Instructions : Put ElegantPoseset folder into Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods folder.

If there's any problem please let me know.Hope you guys like this set and thank you for downloading!