May 13, 2013

Dragon and Butterfly Designs Tattoo Sets (Ambitions EP Style)


2 weeks ago my sim Louis wished for getting tattoo but I couldn't find suitable one for him. So I decided to make my own tattoo,original plan was to make 3 but I got carried away and made few more to share with you all. Before that I was in middle of making a default replacement. Well let's just say it didn't turned out good and I was very disappointed with myself that's why I moved to tattoo making. These Ambitions style tattoos are small designs,just what I need for my sims and huge thanks to Chio for helping me with the PS alpha edits.

There's 6 dragon designs and 5 butterfly designs,all recolourable. This is my first time making tattoo,so forgive me if they seems familiar or too simple. I'm not good with taking screenshots but hopefully you guys can clearly see here how the tattoos turned out in game. They came with 2 different Winrar files,all package files labeled accordingly so you can pick which one you want.

Dragon Design Tattoo Set

Dragon Design 1

Dragon Design 2

Dragon Design 3

Dragon Design 4

Dragon Design 5

Dragon Design 6

CAS Screenshot,applied on Full Back.Number 6 has two recolour channels.


Butterfly Design Tattoo Set

Butterfly Design 1

Butterfly Design 2 Placed on left arm.

Butterfly Design 3

Butterfly Design 4

Butterfly Design 5

CAS Screenshot,applied on Full Back. Number 3 & 5 has four recolour channels including the alpha.


Instructions :
1.Extract.Then put the package file/s into Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages folder.

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Do not reupload. If there's any problem please let me know here. Thank you!

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