Apr 20, 2012

Goodbye to Tamara

I lost my hamster,Tamara last Tuesday night she was 1 year 11 months. I knew the time for her to go will come eventually but I never expected this soon.She got cataract on her left eye a month ago doctor said there's nothing we can do because it's age factor she's getting old.Then I noticed she lost her fur on lower body and back,her skin wrinkled and she stopped running on her wheel or climbing the cage. She spent most of her time sleeping and eating and her movement getting slower day by day.
When I went to check on her before going to bed that night,I found her lying stiff in her cage. I was very sad and cried when I picked up her cold body. I put her in small box,blanket her with lots of tissue papers then buried her at the back of our house under papaya tree.

Tamara was my favourite. She's my only girl and the best hamster I ever had. Feels so lonely here after she's gone. No more baby talk in front of her cage every night or when I played with her. I used to say
"Who the cutest hamster in this world?"
"Her name is Tamara!"
"Mummy am I the only one in your heart?"
"Yes Tamara is my love!"

I've lost my older brother last February and now my girl Tamara. It's damn hard to accept the fact why there's so many death I had to face this year. The world is try to beat me down again this time. Aarghh..ok no swearing here

When I was young my mother didn't like idea of we keeping small animals as pet she said they're annoying creatures. We allowed to keep 1 goldfish though and caressing a stray cat that always hang out in front of our house,named her Mimi.

As we get older moved to our own place,yeah finally we are free to do whatever we want. My late brother kept 2 Persian cats last year but not for long because he couldn't managed them with his hectic working schedule so he gave them away.My youngest brother still keeping his white local cat,Simba in his apartment. When he come home for college break he can talk about his cat non-stop for almost 1 hour. "Sis you know my latest trick I taught Simba?" "Sis you will not going to believe what Simba did to my bed!" blablabla.... Boring? Yes but he's still my brother. :)

As for me, I commit myself with a small animal for a start,I chose hamster. My partner bought me Fernando first,he is a Syrian hamster.Then I told him I wanted a girl,he brought back Tamara. Which becomes my angel until now. Couple weeks later we got 2 Teddy Bear hamsters,Blackberry and HoneyBear. 4 siblings and Tamara is the only girl,no sister just like me. Here's their photos.

Fernando. He was named after the football star Fernando Torres. Fernando is very active boy he loves biting the cage loudly to get my attention.
He's around 2 months old in this photo,eating chicken piece :p

This is him now,recent photo. Sleeping


This was Tamara,around 2 months old.She's camera shy

These are taken last year.

I remember,it was rainy that day.Tamara loves to pile all tissue papers then curled up like this. Cute chubby girl

this was taken last February 2012. She started losing her fur on her butt this time. :(

ok this is the most vocal hamster,Blackberry (I call him Blackie). Around October 2010 when I just about to get ready for breakfast on Saturday morning suddenly I heard this loud growling sound like a dog,loud enough making me terrified and in shocked. My partner said the sound came from Blackie's cage.When I checked on him he was lying,eyes closed. We thought maybe he was having a nightmare. Few months later I heard the growling sound again on weekend around 8-9 morning from him but wasn't as loud as first time,another nightmare. Blackie doesn't like to be picked up especially from behind. There's one time he play dead on my palm or pretend to be dead for few seconds. Sounds funny but I didn't laugh coz I knew he wasn't comfortable when I picked him up. I just have to let him play alone in the play pen.
His fur used to be black colour but now it's changed to brownish

Last,HoneyBear. When I got him first I was about to name him Dulce I thought he was a girl. Weeks after that I saw his private part."yes I'm a boy,mummy!" I call him Honey because his round body reminds me of Winnie the Pooh. Honey is pure escape artist. He has escaped few times from his cage. I found him running towards me in study room once and under kitchen sink once after I'm doing the dishes. This boy can find me. Surprisingly last week my Fernando escaped from his cage too,running towards living room finding his mummy.
Because of his thick long fur,my partner loves to call him 阿肥 but his not that fat. oh poor boy! "Daddy stop calling me fatty I'm not fat hamster!" "Daddy you don't like my red eyes!"


  1. I'm sorry for your loss :(
    I'm a animals lover too and i know that this things happens and really hurt!
    So don't be sad remember her as the good pet that she was.

    Icia :)

    1. thank you Icia I appreciate that. *hugs*

  2. I am sorry for your losses this year as well...
    But in the end your story still made me laugh, especially your little 'escape artists'. Let them keep on making you smile ^_^

    1. thanks Kilhian I love them all they always make me laugh they're my happiness. :)

  3. AnonymousMay 12, 2012

    Aw Yuki.. that's not fair at all.. I'm so sorry for your brother's lost first of all, I can't imagine how hard it must be. But I bet u're a strong girl. Now as for Tamara.. Well I can feel ur pain, when I was litle I had a bird the first bird that I met in my childhood and I loved him. His name was "Piolin" he was yellow and looked like Tweety hahaha at the end, when I was 8-9 years old he died in my house and I cried a lot. Then, when I was 11 our neigbhor gave us a rabbit, I swear he (or she as I would know years later) was the prettiest bunny alive! Unfourtunately he/she died in our backyard while playing with him/her. So I really know how u're felling.

    I don't know if u believe in God, but if u do He may be testing ur strenght, and He will give u a big reward after everything.

    U're not alone Yuki =)
    Keep Smiling <3
    Send u kisses and hugs and blessings and a hand so u can count with me whenever u want =)

    1. thank you thank you! *hugs*

      I know dealing with death isn't easy but I do believe every cloud has a silver lining. You're right God will give back something to what I've lost.
      As these are my first pet it's hard to accept the fact that hamster life span is very short,as I've become too attached with them. :)