Jan 22, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year!

To my family,friends and simmers around the world I wish you all a very Happy New Year with good fortune and prosperity in the year of Dragon!

We celebrate simple way this year,just like before but still the only happiness is seeing my family gathering around eat,laugh and enjoy ourselves. I wish you all the same happiness too! :)

Jan 12, 2012

InYourEyes PoseSet


Back with new pose set,made this last week and finally I managed to finish it today. I named this set In Your Eyes simply because I love my male sims eyes,so custom poses for your male sims now.
There's six poses,3 focus on the upper body or close up and another 3 for full body shot. Again you might notice slight distortions in some areas,repaired them several times and looked fine in Milkshape but when I tested in game,distortions are still visible. However this time I think they look good enough,hopefully you guys will like them (I'm hoping here!) :P


Leaning on wall,hands on neck and head


Standing,hands in pockets


Lying on car bonnet. In this pose I use 2009 Audi TT Coupe by FreshPrince as base. Louis left arm seems awkward on certain angle but you can take the picture from above view.Also don't forget OMSP by Granthes to place your sim on the car bonnet,adjust the hight accordingly.It's quite frustrating when I made this pose,looked perfect in Milkshape but in game you can see Louis right thigh bending to other side not fixable.


Leaning on car. Use any car you want in this pose,I just like the Audi.Oh about the same sunglasses on Lucius,my sims do borrow things from each other. :p


Sitting. Use OMSP to place your sim on chair.


Standing,left hand on chin.Small clipping on index finger but won't ruin the whole picture.

Poseplayer screenshot

Newsea,Ephemera,Lemonleaf,Geldyth,Escand,RUSTYNAil'S,jla43 and Fresh-PrinceCreations


Instructions : Put InyoureyesPoseset folder into Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods folder.

Hope you guys like this pose set and thank you for downloading! :)