Oct 20, 2011

Sims photo contest on my Facebook page

Last week I held Best Female Sims photo contest on my Facebook page,just for fun. Received a lot of entries and it was hard time for me to pick the winner. These two sims, Haruhi and Amila really caught my attention. Not only the creators are amazing legacy writers,looking at the photo albums you'll know they are very talented in making sims. I was torn between Haruhi and Amila,one moment I told myself yes,Haruhi deserve to win the first place but few moments later I'm back to Amila's mesmerizing eyes! and finally, Amila won my attention. I've seen her other photos on Legacy "Amila" album,her tanned skin and sexy lips are not something that can be recreated easily in CAS. While with Haruhi, this sim reminds me of delicate porcelain dolls. She's cute and beautiful but Amila has got what I'm looking for. Anyway I would like to thank all players who entered this contest,sending beautiful sims photos I really appreciate it!
Here are the winners

The first place,Amila from Legacy "Amila" by Ryan Watson

Second place,Haruhi from Simbot Studios by Chrystal Dye

The prize for first winner of this contest is a custom sim from me, Sephia Sinclair. I really like Ephemera skin on her which somehow gave under eye bag/ dark circles effect while in game. I don't know why but it look like my face when I woke up late for work and went without wearing lipstick once. :D Only in this case, Sephia is more good looking than me.
Sephia loves entertaining and cooking,people won't get bored in her party.She also a light sleeper,which explain the dark circles I guess. Alright here's her.


Credits : Skin by Ephemera ESkin NV1,Hair by Ulker & Newsea TSR, Makeup by Lemonleaf,LFB, Softrain & Papercat, Clothes by hasel TSR

In short hair cut,so you all can see her face clearly.

With long hair,notice the dark circles? I can't decide which styles suits her best so it's up to Legacy "Amila" owner to decide on how Sephia should look like. Hopefully she is good enough for the prize of my contest.

A very tiring week for me ( backache ) and I'm still waiting Pets EP. Cannot say that I'm too excited because of what I've read about the latest patch which breaking custom objects in game. The more EP and patches we have,the more problem arise. Not sure if EA bother to fix World Adventure traveling bugs this time.

Last,a friend of mine said my sims started looking same after I made Dorothy. I didn't know it because I thought every time I create my sims for me they are different characters to develop. Certain hair styles,eyes,,makeup and clothes give the sims their own personalities. These can also make or break the sims which I have to deal with when they didn't turn out something I was hoping for. Whatever the reason is I will try my best creating more sweeter sims to share and hope you guys won't get bored of my work.
Also please forgive descriptions on my sims,as you all know English is not my first language. I do have stories for each one of my sims,what they should do,who they should be with etc etc but all these only in my head. I can't transform into words because I'm not a good writer.In my own game,the sims lives quite pretty boring life. Get married have children,repeat with second generations and so forth. That's just my play style..yes I'm a boring person myself lol... That's all for now. 再见! :)


  1. Tus sims son hermosos, deberias tener mas seguidores.
    Me encanta Sephia

  2. thank you! having more followers is nice but for me it's not important as long as you guys love my sims :)