Oct 11, 2011

Aidan and Louis,another love story

I am desperately want to create a sim who look exactly like Miles Edgeworth (yeah,the famous Edgey from Ace Attorney) and again, I end up creating someone else. His name is Aidan. With aristocrat style you can see he is your typical "beautiful male" sim. I played this sim for a couple days while deciding what to do with him. At the same time I'm trying to finish final case on Ace Attorney Justice for All.

Back to the Sims 3 last Saturday, I paused the game when Aidan in his bedroom standing,without moving. Zooming his face in and out,I told myself that I really like this sim. Pairing him with female sim may ruin everything (don't ask me why :p) so I decided to create another male sim,named Louis.Short haired,pale face with same aristocrat dressing but much simpler, in my eyes now he is the perfect lover for Aidan. :D
What's waiting ahead,I'm not sure. Happiness is what I want from this couple but I know it won't be easy.Something is going to happen.

Here I share few screenshot of them.oh Aidan is the rich guy here while Louis is a painter. Yeah another typical sims story. I hope you guys like them because for me male sims are very difficult to make I'm struggling with their eyes.

Look at me.......

I'm Louis

That's it for now. I want to thank all custom poses creators for making Aidan and Louis look great in these screenshot. I will be updating more these guys soon and prepare for the upcoming sims. Enjoy the sweet faces :)


  1. *o* Is this BL/yaoi?
    You have gorgeous sims, especially your male sims. ^^ They're just the types that I prefer~ <3 I hope you share more photos of your guys on Facebook, would love to see them :)
    ~Your new fan XD

  2. well not really yaoi but I have plan for them. Thank you for liking my sims! :)