Oct 5, 2011

Mirabella Rossi

My original plan was to create Summer Glau but I failed. She turns out into someone else,an Italian sim named Mirabella Rossi. Mirabella loves playing music but give up meat years ago and becoming vegetarian to stay healthy. With flirty eyes and sweet mouth to kiss,she is irresistible to all male sims out there. As a heartbreaker,she doesn't believe in monogamous relationship.Wanting to be a girlfriend of many different sims,Mirabella believes this is exciting way to live. A modeling career or movie star is great choice for Mirabella because she have everything what it takes to be. Hope you like her!

Mirabella with different looks

Custom Contents used:

Skin by flajko "Lovable faces" non-default skins
Hair by Peggy #754 Anubis retexture & Newsea Starlet Female
Clothing by LianaSims3
Eyes by shadowwolf5889 MTS Default Eye
Eyebrow by WM Eyebrows 16 M/F
Eyeliner by Papercat Outer Liner
Eyeshadow by LadyFrontBum MTS Candy Crush
Blush by LadyFrontBum MTS Swoop - Blush
Lipstick by LemonLeaf Candy Doll Lipgloss N23
Accessories by LianaSims3 and TSR

If you intend to edit her in CAS,you need to install these sliders or else Mirabella face will snap back to default.
AwesomeMod by J.M Pescado
CAS Sliders by Jonha MTS
Facial Sliders by Ahmad
Jawline+Brow Depth Slider by aWT

Pose Player and custom Poses by cmomoney's,Traelia and Collin2.

Instructions to install:
Mirabella was packaged with TS3 Base game skin,hair and clothes.To get the screenshots look, manually install custom contents listed. You can dress her up in any style you like but Flajko non-default skins are needed.
And then simply drop the "Mirabella_Rossi.sim" file into Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 3>SavedSims
In CAS,find Mirabella in the premade sims,female young adult.

Problem installing sim.file,info
Basic TS3 custom contents info


No reupload please. Enjoy!


  1. awsome sims you got here !!! I have never used cc befor, if I download her without any cc Or sliders, how bad will it be ?

  2. Hello Kiko, she will be fine. To get the screenshots look all you need is her skin file for exact facial frame. The hair,clothes and makeup are completely optional dress her anyway you want ( use TS3 store stuff or cc from other sites) it's up to you.
    Sliders are optional too,unless you plan to edit her face back in CAS,there's no need to install them.