Dec 29, 2011

Aidan and Louis Part 2

These were taken before my hard drive crashed last November. I took a lot of pictures but only saved few of them because my external HD was running out of space. Then came year end break,I made custom poses and spent a lot of times with friends,no playing Sims nearly forgot about these guys lol! Few screenshots from my game,showing nothing specific about their life though but with poses I think this is my perfect couple. Aidan's face was extremely... how should I put it? Gorgeous? Yes! Yes! Yes! :) I just love him!
None of the guys are naked but some of these photos are little bit "naughty" so if you are not comfortable with them please click X button on top of your browser. Thank you.
Here they are :

Aidan Finn

Louis Bryde

This is one of my favourite shot,oh Aidan!

and then we getting "closer"..............

in the garden

Finish. Thank you for looking and hope you guys enjoy! :)


  1. Really nice pictures. I love the pictures of Aidan laying alone. They make a great couple ^_^

  2. Thank you glad you like them. I will upload more soon! :)