Dec 30, 2011

Aidan and Louis Part 3

A New Life

I changed their dressing style now, no more aristocrat sims hehe... :P Anyway this is my new game I moved all sims family to Appaloosa Plain after reinstalled back The Sims 3. So far I haven't had Error Code 13 came out while saving,everything went smooth unlike the one I played before on Hidden Springs.

For me Appaloosa Plain is extremely quite,especially during the night. The view was magnificent and I love watching stray dogs and wild horses. When Aidan and Louis moved to their new house,I added Collie named Emillio to the household. They also have a new housemate named Lucius,friend of Aidan. Here you can see Aidan proposed to Louis then they got engaged. I'm not sure about the wedding yet (somehow the bachelor party thing annoyed me) but we'll see.

These photos are not in correct order.. sorry :P

"Beside looking pretty all the time I also can play music", Aidan

at the town salon (I hope I spelled it right)

another favourite shot :p

ok Aidan proposed and Louis said YES!


yup you guess it :D

Alright back to the dog,this is Emillio. I don't have dog in real life, only 4 hamsters as pet. If I want to keep a dog I would choose Collie because they're very gorgeous. In TS3 Pets this Emillio may not looked like real Collie but he's real joy to Aidan and Louis. He's traits are genius,hunter and quiet.

End. I would like to thank all cc makers for the amazing creations that I used in these photos. Without you guys my sims wouldn't be so good. 谢谢大家! :)

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