Dec 9, 2011

Glampose Set

大家好! : )

I want to present my first custom pose set, which contains 5 glamour style poses. After one week of testing and fixing I finally got them how I wanted. But please forgive me though since this is my first poses, when zoomed in you might notice there's slight small distortions in certain parts. Some of them are unavoidable because I'm still learning in making poses. : p
You can use this set anyway you want for fashion,sims screenshot or stories,anything. If you guys like them I will create another set. So here's the photos:






This is what you will see in your PoseList. Again please forgive me for small and unclear thumbnails I'm struggled in taking good screenshot while maintaining the resolution at the same time.A clear photo list included with download.

Outfit by LorandiaSims3,SimsTR and altea127
Hair by PeggyZone
Makeup by Lemonleaf
House by ung999Modthesims


Instructions : Put GlamposeSet folder into Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods folder. Pose namelist included in case you want to type them manually.

That's it I hope you guys like my pose set and thank you for downloading!


  1. I think for your very first pose set that they are very well done. I can't get enough of poses. I think it's wonderful we can have poses in our games. These look really elegant and sexy, poses 3,4,5 are my favourite poses. Thanks for sharing and congrats on creating the first of many i hope poses.

  2. Hello Sackgirl thank you so much for your nice words. I'm happy you like them hopefully I can come out with better poses soon. :)

  3. very nice poses *o* thanks!!!

  4. WaspsUndergroundDecember 10, 2011

    Hello. :) I've been looking through the sites you provided for the outfits, but I've been unable to locate the site where you found the first picture's shirt.

    I was wondering if you might remember which one you got it from?

  5. Cute poses, as well as your cute sims ^^

  6. Fabulous poses! I love them. I have downloaded. :D

  7. 支持!!!我喜歡這些pose 都好實用^^

  8. WaspsUnderground,it's a full outfit called Retro by altea127 here

    JS Sims 谢谢妳! and everyone thank you for downloading :)

  9. I will agree, for a first pose sets those are great! I am tempted to try myself and I doubt I will do as good ;)

    Very good work, thank you... and I am surprised I missed the shirt, I love Altea127's work :p

  10. I love these! Thanks ^^