Dec 30, 2011

Levy Bryde and Lucius Bell

When I was playing Hidden Springs I made this sim,Levy Bryde who supposed to be Louis twin brother. He lives in lodge house located near waterfall. Not so much different with Louis except for his smaller eyes and sophisticated style. Currently in business career as CEO yes this guy is doing well compared to his brother,Louis who only work as painter. Another question,is he straight or homo? I don't know..haha :D

This is Levy

In this shot I think he looks gorgeous :)

Ok done with Levy,it's Lucius turn. First this guy is not the killer boy in PC adventure game named Lucius haha.. I just happened to like the name Lucius,perfect for this sinful yet so innocent looking sim. He work as author with genius,flirty and great kisser traits.A heartbreaker you can say. Moved into the Finn household last week,preferred Aidan's company rather than Louis but Louis doesn't seem to mind. Aaahh...

Close up

and the yummyy shot hehe....simply delicious isn't he? :D

Lunch time

Three of them with Emillio the dog.Which one is your favourite?

End. I hope you enjoy these sweet faces and thank you for looking. Everyone start working next Monday so there won't be any update from me for a while. When I got time maybe I'll come out with custom poses or new sims. Thanks again for downloading and supporting my stuff. Happy Simming everyone!

Credits: Ung999,Newsea,Ephemera,Lemonleaf,Gledyth,RustyNail's&all custom poses makers


  1. All your boys are gorgeous. I especially like these two but Lucious is my favourite (can i have him) only teasing. He is very pretty. Can i move in too ^_^

  2. Levy is gorgeous. They both are, but Levy is my favorite. :)

  3. haha...I do get requests for these male sims but for now I'm quite busy getting back to work. So when I got time soon I will upload more. Thanks a lot for the lovely words I'm happy you guys like them! :)

  4. please ... i want them for donwload... and i realy woud lovvvveeeeeeeeeeeee to have them in my game there are such good works rrhhhhhh ♥

  5. Please upload Lucius soon !~ :)