Aug 19, 2013

Oh my darling Evan!

I want to share some pictures that I took months ago. Some of the best shots of my tattoo male model sim,Evan Laurent. I admit I really like the way he look,one of the most perfect male sim I ever made beside Aidan and Louis. I even had this small “conversation” with him inside my heart. Or should I say an interview??? Haha..
Ok,for those who want to know more about the sim behind this sweet face,read through. He is one of the hardest sim I ever managed in my game. Had a crush with Aidan and keep on talking about how he’s going to snatch Aidan away from Louis. Oh Lord,is there not enough male sims for him to fall in love with?
But before judging his cruel intention,let’s ask him first.

Yuki: You’re late!!! (pouting)
Evan: Sorry! Sorry! I don’t know why but my hair just won’t listened to me today. See they’re getting difficult to blow dry!
Yuki: Whatever! Just sit down.
Evan: Ok,don’t be mad. (smiling) So why am I being called here? I don’t think I’m famous enough for exclusive sims interview haha!
Yuki: No. (rolled eyes) I want to interrogate you.
Evan: I have committed a crime? Waaaiiitt…!
Yuki: Just calm down! (holding his hands) This is for my blog readers. I got few comments about your pictures and I decided to write this interview,so they can get to know more about you.
Evan: should have told me earlier. Alright I am all yours now.

Yuki: (took deep breath) First question, describe yourself in three words.
Evan: Irresistible, effeminate and romantic. (smiling)
Yuki: Tell me about your family.
Evan: My father, Paul Auguste Laurent was a French and my mother, Darina Carla Orlov is a Russian Italian. I don’t know much about my father because he left us then went back to Paris when I was five,that’s what my mom told me.He died when I was twelve. My mother worked as a secretary and waitress as part time job to support me and my younger sister,Mischa.
Yuki: Sorry about your father.
Evan: No it’s ok. Despite what our father did to us,we live well though. After graduating high school I managed to get scholarship to continue my study at local college,taking graphic design course. But I think my real passion is music. (smilling) Mom is very proud of me,so does my sister.

Yuki: Good to hear that. So you moved and live alone now?
Evan: Yes. I play guitar at Heaven’s Night in Bridgeport then go to school during day time.
Yuki: and thanks so much to Lucius for noticing you at Heaven’s Night,that’s how I got my hands on you! (winked)
Evan: Hey I’m happy to help. Can I ask you something? Is there something happened between Lucius and Aidan?
Yuki: Mmmmm…nope. I don’t think so.

Evan: But they HAD SEX TOGETHER!!! Don’t lie to me Yuki I saw their DESIRES for each other!!! (frowning)
Yuki: Hey hey relax ok calm down there’s no need to shout. They’re not actually had sex. Have you seen those fancy nude couple pictures ads by designer labels,you know for marketing purpose? Yeah…it’s the same thing.
I just want to want gain back my blog traffic so I made the sex poses,using Lucius and Aidan as models. In the end result was marvellous, yup I got high download rate sex sells you know. Beside, this thing happened long before Lucius found and introduced you to me. So it’s his past ok?
Evan: Ok. heart still hurt seeing their pictures. Aidan loves to play rough huh? I can do that too!!!
Yuki: Can we get back to MY questions please? Alright were you bullied as a kid?
Evan: No. Everything was fine when I was young. Except I didn’t have time to hang out with friends very often because I had to prepare dinner before my mom got back from work at 9 pm.
Yuki: oh you cook?
Evan: Nothing special.(smiling) Just simple stews and salads for three of us. Mom taught me how to cook. And she always brought back good breads from the restaurant she worked for.
Yuki: She’s very lucky to have you two. Mm.Do you suffer from sleepwalking?
Evan: Not that I know of.

Yuki: What is your favourite food?
Evan: French fries and fried chicken. My latest addiction is deep fried Mars bar. Yumm..that’s a real heaven!
Yuki: Really? Deep fried stuff with that six packs?
Evan: Can’t blame my metabolism..hahaha..
Yuki: What is your favourite daily wear attire?
Evan: Jeans and T-Shirt. Wait,I don’t think people ever see me in Jeans and T-Shirt,why am I exposing so much skin in all of this pictures?

Yuki: Well I believe that’s what people want to see from you darling. Your smooth chest is the eye candy.hehe..One more,boxers or briefs?
Evan: Ummmm…answer would be briefs. Do you think Aidan is going to like it?
Yuki: I don’t know. So if you were a dessert, which would you be?
Evan: Ice cream cake. Crushed Oreo as base,lovely French vanilla ice-cream in the middle drizzled with luscious raspberry sauce on top.
Yuki: My Lord. You sure you are guy?
Evan: Yup. That crushed Oreo represent my dark hair,French vanilla ice-cream is my skin to be devoured in the most savage way and the raspberry sauce,represent my sweet lips for Aidan to lick and suck..mmmmm…mmmmm…..
Yuki: I think we’re straying now. Evan! Evan! Please focus!
Evan: I am! (laughing)
Yuki: Thanks so much for making the hair on the back of my neck raised. Please no more! Ok. Women or cars which one?
Evan: Neither. (shaking his head quickly)

Yuki: Things that makes you angry?
Evan: Child abuse,animal cruelty and grammar Nazi.
Yuki: You should be an activist. Your favourite track when you play your guitar?
Evan: One of the solo by Akira Yamaoka in Tender Sugar.
Yuki: Name one celebrity you would love to get naughty with?
Evan: Atsushi Sakurai the lead vocal of Buck Tick. Oh God he’s delish!
Yuki: Why do you think Taylor Swift is famous?
Evan: Who?
Yuki: Never mind. Your favourite movies?
Evan: Midnight in The Garden of Good and Evil, An Interview with Vampire and The Talented Mr. Ripley.
Yuki: What about Brokeback Mountain?
Evan: I’ll reserve it to watch with Aidan.

Yuki: (sigh) Your weakness?
Evan: I can get impatient sometimes,I want to see end result quickly and this can lead to stupid decision making. I also can be very demanding,depend on my mood that time.
Yuki: If I give you one million simoleons how would you spend it?
Evan: Buy a seaside house with magnificent view and spend the rest of my life with the one I love.
Yuki: Is your mother ok with your sexuality?
Evan: Yes. I told her I prefer guys over women. She was in-shocked at first but finally she said as long as I'm happy it doesn't matter anymore.
Yuki: Alright,be honest with the readers. Do you have a real boyfriend beside the silly crush with Aidan?
Evan: No. I’m single and available. But..but..Yuki. My heart is yearning and crying for Aidan. (making sad face)
Yuki: I know I know it’s very obvious. But dear Evan he’s engaged with Louis,don’t you think you should find someone else? Who is single?
Evan: ……………………………. (long pause)
Yuki: Why do you like Aidan so much? Have you ever talked to him personally?
Evan: No. I only heard about him from Lucius. When I saw him walked in the park alone last summer I was speechless. I couldn’t even breathe my heart was pounding so hard I thought I was going to die. Ohh…I didn’t have the courage to walk up and introduce myself to him I just watched him from distance.
Since that fateful day,I couldn’t get myself away from thinking about him all the time. You said I should find someone else,do you think I could ever meet someone as perfect as Aidan? Tell me Yuki. (sad face)

Yuki: I can’t tell you that because I don’t know. What I know from your story it just sounds like infatuation, an unreasoned love. Yes Aidan is my absolute attraction too but don’t you think this is just physical admiration?
Evan: Then introduce me to someone as beautiful as he is. I’ll forget Aidan after that I promise.
Yuki: (sigh) There you go. You ARE very demanding. I don’t think Aidan is going to appreciate such kind of attitude from a lover.
Evan: Sorry. Sorry. I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to hurt your feeling forgive me Yuki. Please? (putting his hands on mine)
Yuki: It’s ok. Exactly what do you want me to do? Don’t you think it’s cruel to separate a couple who are madly in love with each other?
Evan: I understand. But can’t you just create something like what Aidan and Lucius did in that Desire thing? Fully clothed,you know so his precious Louis wouldn’t get jealous. Just for the sake of advertisement,for your blog readers.I would be very grateful.
Yuki: Aaaaaaahhhhh…..that thing. Tell me,why should I use you as a model in my poses? All my sim models have their own unique features that able to get my work to be shown in many blogs and TS3 cc websites around the world.
Convince me.
Evan: I found out that you just got back from job interview yesterday,is this a pay back time? (smiling) Just kidding haha…
Well,I know you’re quite pleased with my pictures in your tattoo set,not to mention likes and comments that you got for using me as FB profile picture. Didn’t I just send you to a trip on the cloud nine heaven?
Yuki: Mmmmmmm……..Go on ….……
Evan: Want to stroke this wavy dark teal shiny hair?? Gaze into my mesmerizing light grey iris in these deep seated eyes,decorated with well arched eyebrows. Don’t you want to run your cute fingers slowly on my nose and perfectly carved jaws and chins and my well built chest?
I’m a guy but I love grape flavoured lip balm. (slowly biting his lower lip)

Yuki: Whaaaattt???? (squinting eyes)
Evan: Yuki,you look so cute when you frowning in that excitement and confusion. And that blushing cheeks reminds me of sweet peaches I always look for during fall season. Your soft fine hair is like black silk every women would envy of. The way you crossed your leg saying that you’re so.......
Yuki: (putting hands on his lips) ssssssshhhhh…ssssssshhhhhh….ssssshhhh… (whispering) No more Evan. Please. You…are…killing…me! You got me ok? You won!
Evan: Hahaha…(laughing softly) You’re wonderful person Yuki I’m lucky to know you. I just wonder why you don’t want to sales pitch me to those fancy TS3 magazines? If you’re so proud of me why don’t you just let me do modelling job? I have the look I can make you famous creator ever.
Yuki: I’ve thought about that but really being a sim cc creator isn’t about popularity and getting into "the in crowd". It’s about my passion,my willingness to sacrifice my free time to share and show my talent to all simmers out there.
Besides,if I sent you to those modelling agencies I’m very afraid you’ll get raped in seconds and people will steal you from me,then claim as their own "masterpiece". It happened to me before hurts so much and I learnt my lesson from it.
Evan: Thank you for giving me valid reasons. You’re the best Yuki! (hugging me)
Yuki: You’re one of my favourite male,I’m so proud of you. I will work on new poses,based on how you want them to be. Aidan is very professional he shouldn’t have any problem working with you.
Evan: Of course. (smiling) Does he like being on top or bottom? I want to be abused in bed! Let’s get rough Yuki!
Yuki: we go again. Calm down!
Evan: haha..I’m just excited. Forgive me. This picture is amazing. Do you think Aidan will fall for me in this pose? I love my make up too.

Yuki: Jeez…I told you he’s already engaged so give it up will you?
Evan: Ok ok. Hey Yuki,are you completely fine now? Honestly you look weak. Do you eat regular meals lately?
Yuki: You sounds like his mother. Yeah that’s what people told me,I look weak but thanks for your concern. I do eat so don’t worry. I try not to think too much and regret everything that happened to me. I am fine now. No nightmares and I can sleep well. There’s time tears rolling down on my cheeks and I couldn’t control this sadness. But I know God always here for me,His with me so I’m fine.
Evan: What comes around goes around. Don’t they ever dare to think they can get away after what they did to you.
Yuki: Thanks Evan! (hugging)
Evan: Call me if you need anything. I’m here for you.
Yuki: I will. Ok now get lost please. I got work to do.
Evan: mmuuaahh…bye!
Yuki: mmuuaaahh…bye bye!

Alright guys,that's all for now. Hope you enjoy this silly "conversation",yes I am that pathetic talking to my sims hahaha..I just want to share things that happened in my game,Evan's crush on Aidan. For those who "eat" with their eyes,I hope Evan is one of your finest delicacy.Ever......... :)

I'm not sure when I can create my new yaoi poses I think I have to wait until I got myself new job first. We'll see how. Before I go,I would like to say thank you so much to all followers,TS3 blogs,TS3 cc websites,private forums and SF Magazine for featuring my work,banner and linking back to my blog here. I really really appreciate what you all did.
Sadly about the requests for my male sims,I have to apologize to those who asking for them. At this time my game still cannot read SIM.file after last year patch and I don't want to risk your game too by uploading any custom sims file.



  2. Facet-kobieta?

    1. Effeminate. He's a male sim but with womanish features.