Sep 26, 2011

Melissa Guillory

This is my first upload,Melissa Guillory. A fun,nature loving young adult sim. But of course you can alter her anyway you want. When I created this sim I thought she will look good in green. Everything green! :)
Traits : Neat, Vegetarian, Green Thumb,Good and Eco Friendly
Life Time Wish : The Perfect Garden
Astrological Sign : Pisces

CAS screenshot (slight different with in-game shots)

Custom Contents used:
1. Skin by Lemonleaf Skin A & B2.5 Revision Non Default (included) here
2. Hair by CoolSims here
3. Clothing by LianaSims3 here
4. Eyes by shadowwolf5889 MTS Even More Default Eye Replacements Shiny Eyes here
5. Eyebrow by MissDayDreams Flawless Eyebrows here
6. Eyeliner by Papercat Outer Liner here
7. Eyeshadow by LadyFrontBum MTS Romance here
8. Blush by LadyFrontBum MTS Swoop - Blush here
9. Lipstick by LemonLeaf Candy Doll Lipgloss N23 here

If you intend to edit her in CAS,you need to install these sliders or else Melissa face will snap back to default.
1. AwesomeMod by J.M Pescado,in Configuration tool enabled the CASSliderScaleIncreased. here
2. CAS Sliders by Jonha MTS here
3. Facial Sliders by Ahmad here
4. Jawline+Brow Depth Slider by aWT here
5. Hermi's Slider LipShape YAF here (registration required)

Pose Player and custom Poses by cmomoney's,Traelia and Danzxncrd.

Instructions to install:
Melissa was packaged with TS3 Base game skin,hair and clothes.She already been play tested few times before upload. To get the screenshots look,you need to manually install custom contents listed. And then simply drop the "Melissa_Guillory.sim" file into Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims 3>SavedSims
In CAS,you will find Melissa in the premade sims,female young adult.
If you have problem installing sim.file,read here
For basic TS3 custom contents info,read this guide.


No reupload please. Enjoy!

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