Nov 21, 2012

Sweet Moments Pose Set

这两个星期心情不好,家里太多事发生.我的Barbara已经消失了.我哭也没有用她不可能回来. :(
What happened was unforgivable,my heart feels like being ripped apart when thinking all the regrets and pains.

*but smile anyway*

I came out with new couple pose set,this time for male & female sims. There's some people was shocked after seeing the poses I made for my gay couple (H & K,我真的对不起!) I apologize if they considered as inappropriate but I believe true love shouldn't be judged based on genders. I love my sims they way are,no matter what other people say. Ok my confession,I've read WAY TOO MUCH ignore this. :P

My original plan was to make poses from Rihanna's song Unfaithful,with well-built muscular male sim as model. Then I changed my mind because I don't know how to tweak sims facial expressions,moved on with usual couple poses. In this set the male sim supposed to be Jerek,a blonde Caucasian looking sim but I'm having problem getting him to show up in my game,so does other custom male sims after I patched.It didn't go as I planned but the poses works fine though,I've tested several times.
As you can see,I just used whatever I have here. I made new male sim model,Kazuha based on Lucius face,trying hard to make him as masculine as I can but in the end to me he still looking girly..aarggh.. Well I've tried my best for the screenshots. Let's pretend Kazuha was a host who worked on local club and my lonely sim,Cherri was his client. They are having "sweet moments" together for few nights,and then the end. Yes that's the story. *cringed*
hey I was listening to Garbage song You Look So Fine when I made this set so don't blame me! :P

If some of these poses seems familiar,I hope you guys like my version. Thank you for staying with me all this time and supporting my work. :)

Sweet Moments 1 & 2

Sweet Moments 3 & 4

Sweet Moments 5 & 6

Sweet Moments 7 & 8

Sweet Moments 9 & 10 *based on 1 Yen Man manga*

Pose List screenshot
A is for male sim, B is for female.

Newsea,Ephemera,Ulker,Ekinege,Severinka,jla,Simscredible,Ung999 and other object creators which their creations I used in these screenshots.

Instructions :
1.Extract.Then put Sweet Moments package file into Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages folder.

2.Make sure you have download cmomoney's PosePlayer first before using this pose set.

3.After installing this pose set(or any other mods)please delete cache files before starting Sims 3 game.

Important Notes 请注意:
1.PLEASE UPDATE YOUR GAME TO LATEST 1.42 PATCH. That's my game version so don't forget to patch yours to avoid any problem.

2.If I repeat IF your sims doesn't pose into position like shown in screenshots,please Cancel the pose action. Then select again in Pose player it should work fine.


If you have problem let me know here. Thank you and happy gaming!


  1. Really nice poses. Thank you for sharing, they look so intimate and natural. Good work.

  2. I like these poses! Thank you! 希望你心情能好一點喔^^

    1. 谢谢妳的关心.现在ok了但我还想念她.Barbara是一只仓鼠 :)

  3. love these! i also loved the same gender presentations on your last pospack, maybe thats because i am obsessed with smutty yaoi and anything to do with it. dont let haters get you down because there are people out there like me who love it *hugs*

    1. *hugs to you too!*

      lol..My comment above is for my two RL friends,they don't play sims much,know nothing about yaoi and was very "shocked" after seeing 2 naked guys on my last post. hehehe...they didn't hate it they just went 'oh God my eyes! What is this?'
      Don't worry though I'm sure there's other yaoi fans out there like us who love playing gay couples in sims 3. You know I just started reading yaoi this year,couldn't believe they made the most romantic stories ever!

  4. Hi:)
    thank you for the lovely poses, especially yaoi ones, I needed them :)

  5. sweeeeet!...*_*So beutiful poses, your models awesome!^_^Especially like pose on the sofa)))You so romantic!))

    1. oh thank you Mimoto. I can't consider myself as romantic but I appreciate great romantic movies and songs,especially the ones that can make me cry hehe :)